The Era of facebook games is to run forever

If you start taking a look at How the Facebook changed the game business for good, there are plenty of aspects you can think of. The main features among the could be briefly summarized as

  1. Playing at your own-pace and style: – The games in the pre-facebook era demanded dedication and time from the players. Once you are into the game, either you completely play it out or lose-out, if you chose to exit anywhere in the middle. Facebook put a halt to it. It made the play-time and break-time flexible. You can start a game, pause it infinitely and get back to it whenever you get time again.

  2. The Keep-it-simple approach has helped May gamers whose aim is not just winning, but enjoying. Have you ever felt like a good loser before? All the games you come across tech you how to handle wins, but badly hurt your sensitivity the moment you lose out in a battle-game. Facebook reversed the trend. You play to enjoy every move you make, have fun with every challenge you face and ultimately recommend this game to 10 others whom you know.

  3. The art of engaging the users of various ages into a single gaming-concept is an easy task. You will be able to understand that whether you are a game-creator, a game-reseller or a game-player. Of course, the earlier games had age-group players, but they played different versions. But facebook reversed this trend too. A Single theme game is designed to suit the psychology of all the age-groups in a single theme-game.

  4. The games before facebook were made more to fit into the box. For the first time, the player could choose the online-game as a service rather than as a product, which meant a huge difference to the gaming community.

  5. Resumption of multi-player games-online at any point of time created an entirely new concept of time-shared games online. Earlier also, the people could play multi-player games but everyone needed to be on-line simultaneously. The new kind of expandable time-sharing helped many friends to play with each others in spite of busy individual schedules.

  6. The games in the pre-facebook era rewarded the players only when they completed a certain stage. Facebook changed the concept by rewarding the player endlessly within the same stage, keeping the gamer within each stage continuously and regenerating the interest levels repetitively. This has been created by keeping the child-like behavior which is alive in every individual who plays the game.

  7. The feminine-gender got its rightful share of gaming once facebook entered the arena. The gentler and emotional side of the gaming successfully lured many “tough” and “rough” guys also to mellow-down and play some of the famous family-games in the facebook theme.

  8. The gaming has now become more of episode-based system than one game-one version. The era of versioning has paved way for the era of episodes. Just like a cartoon serial which takes the story from first episode, the facebook games have a saga of episodes which interest the gamers for-ever.